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Questions About The Shop

What Are the Shop Hours?

Monday-Saturday, 11am to 6pm

Sunday, Noon to 5pm

Where Is the Shop Located?

1818 Mangrove Avenue, Chico, California


What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

Cash, Visa and Mastercard, our processor charges a 4% convenience charge for credit cards.


What Is the Shop Minimum?



How Do You Set Your Pricing?

We set pricing by the piece. We offer a quality product       at a competitive price.


Can I Bring My Own Artwork?

Yes, we are here to serve you. Keep in mind that we         may have to work with you on your artwork as                 sometimes it just simply will not translate well to a             tattoo.


My Printer Is Broken, Do You Have A Computer And Printer to Print My Reference?


Yes, feel more than free to come to the shop and use         our resources.


Can I Bring My Posse to Watch?


At this time we really only want our clients who are getting tattooed in the shop to minimize exposure for the health and safety of our staff and other clients.


Can You Rework My Old Tattoo?


Typically, Yes. However, we would need you to stop by     the shop to see what type of condition your tattoo is in       and what we feel can be done with your tattoo.


Do You Do Cover-Ups?


Yes. One of the more interesting challenges of our job       is cover ups. Definitely come down to the shop for a           consultation.


What Style Tattooing Do You Specialize In?


As a street shop, our tattooers are adept at most styles     of tattooing. If what you are looking for is something         that one of our tattooers is uncomfortable doing, he will     recommend someone else that will do a better job for       you.


Do you accept walk ins?

Yes. We recommend an appointment, but walk ins are always welcome. We are encouraging appointments, again, to minimize exposure for the health and safety of our staff and clients





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